TECHNOLOGY FILES : The Application of Tesla Technology in Today’s World

Tesla’s Colorado Springs lab, 1889.

The following is from a declassified report from 1978 called " The Application of Tesla Technology in Today’s World" published by Lafferty, Harwood & Partners Ltd. (Montreal, January, 1978). The publisher was an investment firm looking at the feasibility of a wireless electrical delivery system as developed by Nikola Tesla that the Canadian government was considering. What made the report classified is that it was a thorough investigation into the work of Tesla, including the "death ray" and electromagnetic mind control. For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing mainly on the mind control discussion. The following is an excerpt from that report.


Among the 150 different applications outlined by Nikola Tesla, were the worldwide transmission of speech; the transmission of electrical power over great distances; the generation of death rays, the generation of a curtain of charged particles; the ability to modify weather patterns; the generation of isolated electrical plasmas (i.e. Fireballs) and man-made lightning.

Surprising as these may seem in their wide range, even more amazing is the claim by Tesla that any number of these phenomena could be achieved simultaneously and independently with one single equipment installation. If true, it represents something close to the ultimate in economic cost effectiveness.

In addition to all the forgoing, for more than 40 years reports have been written, experiments have been conducted and observations recorded, on the effects of electrical fields upon mental faculties of human beings.

It is well known that strong pulsating electrical fields pulsing within the frequency range of the alpha and/or beta rhythms of the human brain can interfere with the physiological functioning of the mind and produce devastating psychological effects in most people.

Based on these observations there has been considerable serious investigation of the use of powerful radio transmissions as a mass psychological weapon in the arsenals of modern warfare. A Pentagon Defense Intelligence Agency classified report, parts of which have been released into the public domain, state that Soviet researchers have found that people exposed to low-level microwave radiation "experience more neurological, cardiovascular and hemodynamic disturbances than do their unexposed counterparts."

According to this report, scientists from the Soviet Union know a lot about the biological effects of low-level microwave radiation, knowledge from which can be derived methods for causing disoriented human behavior, nerve disorders or even heart attacks. The White House Office of Telecommunications Policy has been intensely pursuing similar studies but very few results have been reported to date. The Pentagon Defense Intelligence Agency report defines a malady known as "Microwave Hearing," in which sounds and possibly words appear by signal modulation at very low average power densities.

Combinations of frequencies and other signal characteristics to produce other neurological effects may be feasible in several years, states D.I.A. report.

The Soviets have also studied changes in body chemistry and brain function including heart seizure from microwave radiation. The latter has been accomplished experimentally in frogs by Soviet scientists who synchonized pulses of microwave signal with the animal’s heartbeat, beaming the radiation at the frog’s chest.

The relationship between these experiments and the Soviet practice of bombarding the United States Moscow Embassy with low-level microwave radiation is obvious.

In a recent report, which we reviewed and was marked confidential, prepared by Andrijah Puharich, M.D., LLD. the following thoughts were expressed (although the report was marked confidential, the excerpts which we are including are basic scientific data and well known in sophisticated scientific circles):

"… there is one application of the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter (TMT) that was not, to the best of our knowledge, described by Tesla. This is the possibility that the fundamental Tesla frequency (6.67 – 7.83 Hz) can act on the human brain in such a way as to influence behavior through mind control. In order to test out this possibility, Puharich and Beck undertook to carry out experiments on sophisticated humans with the following results:"

"(a) The magnetic pulse of the earth was monitored by means of a tuned magnetic coil, and it was found that the earth "beats" with a steady sine wave with a power peak at the upper end of the TESLA FREQUENCY, CA, 8 Hz.

(b) The earth, or artifically generated 8 Hz. magnetic sine wave is not attenuated, nor waveshape distorted by passage through the walls of a steel-copper "shielded" room.

(c) A weak ( 1 mw) 8 Hz magnetic sine wave directed at a human being will entrain the brain waves in 4 to 6 seconds. The psychological effects of such 8 Hz magnetic wave entrainment are positive and beneficial.

(d) A Weak ( 1 mw) 4 Hz magnetic sine wave will modify human brain waves in 6 to 10 seconds. The psychological effects of a 4 Hz sine magnetic wave are negative – causing dizziness, nausea, headache, and can lead to vomiting. This is a cholinergic effect.

(e) A magnetic wave above 8 Hz is also psychoactive and produces somewhat negative (adrenergic) effects.

(f) The means and method used above to initiate and measure the psychoactive effects are all state-of-the-art. No means has yet been discovered to shield against the effects of such signals.

It is believed that the above laboratory scale effects can be produced on a global scale by means of the TMT – to the extent that large populations could be electronically incited to unstable behavior at the lower end of the Tesla scale, or to stable behavior bordering on hypnosis at the other end of the scale. There are scattered observations from Canada that the Soviets have already achieved such effects in three Canadian cities."

It is known that the Canadian government is monitoring the Soviet signals. From those who have observed this data, it is assumed that the Soviets are in the process of duplicating the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter. In his U.S. patents and other articles, Tesla concluded that when the earth is powered by the TMT within the frequency range from 0.01 Hz to 40 Hz with a power peak at 6.67 to 7.83 Hz the following effects can be produced:

1. Large amounts of electrical power can be transmitted without wires.

2. Change the electrical, ionic and weather motion effects in the atmosphere, stratosphere and ionosphere which control weather.

3. It serves as a means of detecting motion moving below the surface of the sea, on the land, in the air or on the surface of the sea.


Tesla built a mammoth magnifying transmitter rated at 75 million watts peak power. In an article in the February 1935 issue of Liberty Magazine, Tesla hinted that this could be adapted to military purposes in the form of a defensive weapon. In the article, he said:

"My invention requires a large plant, but once it is established it will be possible to destroy anything, men or machines, approaching within a radius of 200 miles. It will, so to speak, provide a wall of power offering an insuperable obstacle against any effective aggression.

At The Geneva Conference of the Committee on Disarmament last summer (1977), the USSR presented a massive document which turned out to be a draft agreement to prohibit development and manufacture of new weapons of mass destruction. The essential essence of the proposed agreement can be grasped from the first and last pages we produce here. The itemized sub-paragraphs of the Annex are important because they describe the kinds of things that the Russians know are feasible and can be used if they are not banned. They would not normally be so specific, – indeed they would not themselves initiate such a document or raise the subject of negotiations. That they have done so points to them having investigated each of them in detail, during which they would, of course, have attempted to devise advantageous use of them for their own ends. This would include experimentation and development sufficient to convince the hierarchy of the Politburo as to what the practical consequences would be if they were manufactured, deployed and put into operational use."


CCD/511/Rev.1 English; Original: Russian


Draft Agreement on the prohibition of the development and manufacture of new types of weapons of mass destruction and new systems of such weapons"

I am not going to list the whole review of the agreement in this article, only the portion that relates to mind control.

"The official phrases used in the Annex are deliberately vague in order to cover future unseen developments in the same category. Here is what they mean at the present level of development.

3. High volume, ultra low frequency sound (i.e. below the threshold of human hearing) drives human beings and animals mad. It literally "interferes" with the overall coordination of mind and body. For very high volumes close to targeted people, the body is reduced to pulp. This type of weapon, used in a less violent manner can insidiously incapacitate large populations without much physical destruction of property or overall loss of life. As a weapon for mass destruction in heavily populated areas it can be very effective. There is little possible in the way of defense against it. It is particularly suitable for urban guerilla warfare.

4. This is the use of broadcast radio waves, i.e. electromagnetic radiation, – to disorient mass populations. The effects are simultaneous over the whole area blanketed by the radio waves abd its effects can be made almost instantaneous, requiring only a matter of seconds to initiate mental instability in each individual. On the other hand, it can also be used to slowly deteriorate the quality of mental activity and body functions by constant exposure to relatively weak radiations over an extended period. The advantages are the completeness of coverage, near impossibility of defense against it and the fact that it involves no logistics. No hardware in the form of missiles, planes, tanks, warships, nor troops are required to penetrate enemy territory. The disadvantage is the inability to strictly define the area covered to suit requirements. For example, the radiated field cannot be adapted for tactical use by utilizing high intensity beams directed at specific targets."



Does the name Nikola Tesla ring a bell with you? If not, let me first say that Tesla was a pioneering inventor and technological philosopher whose science and ideas we use more today more than ever before, yet only recently has his name resurfaced in alternative literature. His name was once a household word, sixty or seventy years ago. Thirty years ago, only a tiny few faithful and persistent admirers and experimenters knew of Tesla’s work, yet there are those within the inner sanctums of the ‘national insecurity’ establishment who have never forgotten it. You’ve most likely heard the name being used in current alternative literature by the many Johnny-come-latelys who have recently joined a bandwagon of nouveau "Tesla experts". That’s O.K., but what took them so long? You can’t really blame them for being so suddenly astounded, considering the long and thorough eradication of Tesla’s name from encyclopedias and books on science, invention and technology.

The conspicuous vacuum created where the mention of Tesla should have been, as one who made such important contributions to science, technology, and the quality of our lives, raises ominous questions as to why his memory became virtually stricken from history almost the day after his death. What did Tesla discover which threatened the powers that be? Since we already know about the many patented inventions, my assumption has always been that the unknown, still classified works were far in advance of the published ones, and were in realization of projects about which Tesla had announced he was working on, or had already tested and developed, but had not yet "…given to the world".

The discoveries in question—the very existence of which are categorically denied by establishment and corporate scientists—are such things as……..

– flying saucers and electro-propulsion

– "free" or "environmental" energy discoveries

– alternative "ether" physics and science

– Tesla’s Dynamic Theory of Gravity

We know from available documentation and reliable sources that these discoveries and developments were realized by Tesla before his death, yet are still classified. Among his many patented inventions, numerous startling discoveries and surprises have been recently found by researchers and experimenters, which show in retrospect that his claims were modest.

Tesla was born in Smiljan, Lika, Austro-Hungary (now Serbia), in 1856, and died Jan. 3, 1943 in New York City. An early biography, Prodigal Genius, the Life of Nikola Tesla, by John J. O’Neill, was initially published three times in November, 1944. In case you are wondering, the three publishings in the same month were not due to landslide sales at the bookstores, but rather to O’Neill’s having been threatened and censored by the FBI, and forced to republish several times because of their deletion and censoring of material which to this day is still classified. It was odd, given Tesla’s repeatedly unsuccessful efforts to get the attention of the war department, met with ignorance and shoddy treatment. It was not until after it came to their attention in 1942, that the Nazis were building flying saucers and other ‘fantasy’ weapons based on Tesla’s inventions, that the U. S. Government became so concerned.

So why hide something from the American public today which the Nazis stole before 1934? In the case of (flying saucer) electro-propulsion, this invention is not only classified, but the very existence of it is categorically denied by the government, while its covert agents in the UFOlogy community attribute it to extraterrestrial, "alien" origins. What better way to deter civilian scientific investigation into the obvious?

I first heard of Tesla in 1943, as a child of four, when his death was lamented by Elmer Schlosser, a neighborhood adult friend who first told me about him. I also once had in my collection of old books, a well-preserved, beautiful old commemorative book issued by the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair—the Columbian Exposition—which featured Tesla as its honored guest. There were numerous photos of Tesla’s inventions and some articles. Today, over 54 years after Tesla’s death, experimenters are still conducting exciting and trail-blazing experiments with Tesla’s discoveries of over 100 years ago, and continuing to find ‘hidden’ meanings in some of his early writings and patents.

There have been countless speculations as to what Tesla’s most secret discoveries were. At the time of his death, there were in all, the approximate equivalent of a railroad boxcar load of Tesla materials confiscated by the FBI, from around four different storage locations and Tesla’s hotel storage and hotel room and safe. Of this, a total of only about 150,000 documents were released to Tesla’s Yugoslavian relatives, now held by the Tesla Institute in Belgrade. These documents and old models, primarily of a historical nature, comprise most of the published Tesla materials of the institute. The huge volume of the rest of the documents and models was retained by the Custodian of Alien Properties in an unclassified state, because the government’s "experts" had declared that none of it was worth classifying, from 1943 until 1945, when, following the arrival of the Nazi scientists and the secret war files of Nazi Germany, acquired under Operation Paperclip, the spooks from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base hurried up to the warehouses of the Custodian of Alien Properties, and took possession of all the documents and other materials, and every bit of them have been classified at the highest level ever since, the government having declassified NONE of them.

The remainder of Tesla’s papers are still classified—literally tons of notes, documents, drawings, and plans. The government distributed false rumors that "Tesla never kept notes", which was a blatant lie. The notes on his Colorado Springs experiments alone (1899-1900) were enough for a large-format book of 433 pages. Considering the fact that Tesla continued to do some mysterious research at the Colorado Springs laboratory for a number of years—from which we have no notes—there is ample cause for suspicion. It is known from Tesla’s own word’s that these additional experiments at Colorado Springs were much more far-reaching.

In 1979, when I tried to gain access to Tesla papers held at the J. Robert Oppenheimer Study Center, at LANL ("Los Alamos National Lab), the government admitted possession, but denied access for lack of the appropriate "badge" (security clearance). Tesla’s papers are now held at least in part, in Los Alamos, New Mexico. On that same day, I found the hydrogen bomb plans on the public access shelves, yet was denied access to Tesla’s papers. What could be more sensitive than the hydrogen bomb, which was invented by Tesla prior to 1943?

After the war, in 1946, at age 8, when our family returned to the little west Texas town of Kermit, I visited the radio shop of my old friend, Elmer Schlosser, and lugged home a pile of salvaged electronic components he gave to me, after a savvy little Tesla talk. I assembled the components, ran a ground line up a tree, placed my newly assembled device in my tree house, erected an antenna constructed of screen wire, and attempted to ‘radio in’ some power. Unsuccessful, I nonetheless continued my experiments with electromagnetism for eight more years, until I set them aside for twenty years. In 1975, I resumed my "Tesla project", eventually built a number of Tesla coils, and even began giving some lectures and demonstrations in the Santa Fe area to small gatherings.

In late 1974, the CIA had commenced a pattern of harassment originally intended to "motivate" me to accept an executive position later offered to me by George Bush, in early 1975. I rejected the offer and immersed myself deeply in intense research, and the harassment continued and intensified so much that it finally brought my research to a temporary standstill between 1986 and 1992, which provoked the first publication of my book, Space Aliens From the Pentagon, in 1993. I issued a revised and expanded second edition in late 1995. Another of my books, Occult Ether Physics: Tesla’s Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It, concentrates on the 19th century "aether" science leading up to Tesla’s discovery of electro-propulsion, and I also include a couple of astounding Relativity-destroying "free-energy" re-discoveries.

Tesla’s holy grail was to build his "electric flying machine", and to draw some of the "environmental energy" out of the cosmos. This plan involved a theory of radioactivity under development by Tesla in the 1890s, which entirely presaged and conflicted with currently accepted Relativism, quantum mechanics, and nuclear energy theories. (This is not to say that something called "classical quantum mechanics" may not be valid, as I distinguish it from "Relativist quantum mechanics").

To Tesla, so-called "atomic energy" was in fact the result of "environmental energy" emanating from the cosmos, and made known to us via "radioactive" matter, which he said had the peculiar property of resonating and reacting with ubiquitous "cosmic radiation" (a term used by Tesla before 1900).

The "cosmic radiation" of which Tesla spoke was of much higher frequency than what we call "radioactive emanations", which to Tesla were the result of a "step-down" process, in which certain peculiar matter reacts to and converts ubiquitous, omnidirectional cosmic radiation—which today we call "zero point radiation" ("ZPR")—from higher frequencies, to lower, more useful and appropriate frequencies, such as gamma, x-ray, ultraviolet, visible, infrared radiation, as well as magnetism and even electrical current. These step-down frequencies are much easier to detect and measure than the ZPR.

The existence of the ZPR was well known to Tesla in the 1890s, but it was not until recently that it became scientifically accepted as a proven fact. This radiation is of such high frequency that it normally passes through space, the earth, and our bodies without harm or incident, in constant equilibrium, because its short wavelengths do not normally react or resonate with the atoms of most matter. It is so-called "radioactive matter"—according to Tesla—which has a peculiar atomic structure which reacts with this radiation to produce "radioactivity". "Atomic energy", to Tesla, comes from the ZPR, not atoms. If a lump of radium, for example, could be shielded from the effects of the ZPR, said Tesla, it would no longer show radioactivity.

Most naturally radioactive elements are dense and "unstable"—that is, they are said by the Relativists to "decay" as radiation is emitted, to elements of lower atomic numbers. The Relativists—with whom Tesla vehemently disagreed—believe that naturally radioactive elements spontaneously lose mass in the process of such "decay", so that the energy released as radioactivity, is equivalent to the lost mass according to Einstein’s equation, E = MC2. This always seemed untenable to me, since such elements would have to have been, by the related cosmological myth of the "Big Bang", older than the earth, yet geological examination shows that they are found to have evolved through physical processes which have occurred within natural structures here on earth. If such elements had been part of the alleged Big Bang, they would have fully "decayed" before now. On the other hand, if such elements are in the process of being continually evolved by natural conditions within earth, as well as in outer space, through electrical, magnetic and other physical forces, the reasons for their presence is more reasonable. I don’t think this is any surprise to the "national security" elite. Something else is going on, and someone else knows it.

If non-radioactive elements are converted into radioactive ones by the forces of nature, what are these processes? In a New York Times article of July 11, 1937 (pg. 13, col.2), in one of Tesla’s famous birthday announcements, Tesla stated that he had developed a process for the "manufacture" of radium (transmutation from other elements), which was so efficient that it could be sold for $l.00 per pound. He also announced that he had "absolutely developed" a system for the interstellar transmission of energy. He said he had been working in "several laboratories", but refused to disclose their locations. His working model, he said, "…employs more than three dozen of my inventions. It is a complex apparatus, an agglomeration of parts." It could convey "…several thousand units of horsepower to other planets, regardless of the distance", traveling "…through a channel of less than one-half of one-millionth of a centimeter." Further, he said, "…it is not an experiment. I have built, demonstrated and used it. Only a little time will pass before I can give it to the world."

That time never came. In less than six years, his death occurred in the presence of two FBI agents and a German nurse, and the Nazis had had his plans under active development since as early as 1936.

These facts demonstrate that even in his 80s, in 1937, Tesla was involved in secret research at several undisclosed laboratories, on technology which today remains highly classified, yet neither the general public nor anyone at the International Tesla Society seems to have any idea as to the details, because they have been concealed from us by the "powers that be". Through some ingenious investigating, it is possible to reconstruct some of the facts. In focusing on just Tesla’s publically available technology, it is obvious that, even in it, there is the air of the fantastic, the almost incredible. Taking this a step further, it is possible to reconstruct much of the unknown Tesla discoveries from publically-available sources, in order to see what has been carefully hidden from us by our own government and the corporate fascists who control it.

[status draft]


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